Letter from Chicago

1879 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
the examination for admission is still in a provisional stage; the new building, with many modifications in instruction which it would bring with it, is yet to be built. Harvard is still far behind the average European school, and cannot afford to give her attention to outside issues until she has completed her great task. We find nothing in the letter from Zurich which contradicts the statement we borrowed from a German paper. We should be glad to see a history of the coeducation experimeut
more » ... ation experimeut prepared by the faculty of that university. -Ed.] LETTER FROM CHICAGO. Mr. Editor, -Mayor Harrison, it is generally conceded, is not going to disturb Health Commissioner DeWolf, who was appointed by ex-Mayor Heath in 1877. When the work of the health department during the preceding administration is considered, the wisdom of this policy becomes apparent. Perhaps in no department of the city government was the improvement in the condition of things so marked, during the last administration, as in this one of the health department. The expenses were reduced; the city was cleaned up and brought into a much more hygienic condition than had been the case for years before ; a monstrous stink-hole known as Healy Slough, that had been a
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