Side-gate modulation effects on high-quality BN-Graphene-BN nanoribbon capacitors

Yang Wang, Xiaolong Chen, Weiguang Ye, Zefei Wu, Yu Han, Tianyi Han, Yuheng He, Yuan Cai, Ning Wang
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
High-quality BN-Graphene-BN nanoribbon capacitors with double side-gates of graphene are experimentally realized. Graphene electronic properties can be significantly modulated by the double side-gates. The modulation effects are very obvious and followed the metallic electrode behavior of numerical simulations, while the theoretically predicted negative quantum capacitance was not observed, possibility due to the over-estimated or weakened interactions between the graphene nanoribbon and side-gate electrodes.
doi:10.1063/1.4904715 fatcat:5qlf3mjexrdpne5lb2fo5lgzrq