Optimal Placement of DG and Capacitor for Minimizing the Power Losses using Genetic Algorithm

Aakanksha Kumawat, Renu Choudhary, Pushpendra Singh
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This paper represents an effective method for optimal placement of DG and capacitor in distribution system. The main objective is to reduce the power losses in the system by placing capacitor and DG of optimal size and at optimal location. Distribution system connects the high voltage transmission system and low voltage side, hence it is necessary to keep the system at minimum losses for making our system healthy. Placement of capacitor improves the voltage profile and reduces the power losses
more » ... s the power losses and energy losses in power system. capacitor placement works for reactive power compensation. This paper contains the resulting graphs for capacitor and generator placements in the test system, the graphs will show the comparative results of power losses. Newton-Raphson method under load flow study is used to find out the active and reactive losses in the system and genetic algorithm is used to verify the results also by using genetic algorithm toolbox in MATLAB software we get the size and location of capacitor and DG in test system. Genetic algorithm is an optimization technique used here to find the effective , efficient and best location and size for the capacitor and DG placed in system. Hence the main aim is to find out the optimal location and size of capacitor and DG by using genetic algorithm. IEEE-33 bus test system is used to verify the efficiency of genetic algorithm.