Genome Sequence Analysis of Cronobacter Phage PF-CE2 and Proposal of a New Species in the Escherichia Virus RB16 Genus [post]

Mengshi Xiao, Xinmiao Ren, Ying Yu, Han Sun, Haijin Mou, Xiaodan Fu
2021 unpublished
The genome of Cronobacter sakazakii M1 phage named PF-CE2 was characterized in this work. And a new species named Cronobacter virus PF-CE2, in the Escherichia virus RB16 genus of the subfamily Tevenvirinae of the family Myoviridae was established. The Gp190 gene of phage PF-CE2 was first proposed to encode a bacteriophage-borne glycanase, which is capable of degrading fucose-containing exopolysaccharides produced by C. sakazakii M1. Further, the taxonomic status of eight additional phages was
more » ... dified according to average nucleotide identity analysis. This finding provides a theoretical basis for subsequent heterologous expression of the phage PF-CE2 glycanase and provides an important reference for the preservation and sharing of these phages.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:jnjpsqgphnaj3mqdew5g4sqree