Enunciation Reference by Benvensite

2020 Zanco Journal of Humanity Sciences  
Phraseology, which was first proposed by Bally and later developed by Benvensite, deals with the actual use of language in discourse. There are three elements in a discourse: participants (i.e. speaker and listener), place, and time, apart from some other relevant factors. Recently much research has been conducted in the field of discourse linguistics with all its social, cultural, and psychological complications, including pronunciation which is essential for lexical items production. This
more » ... ess hinges on various ideological, social and psychological factors. The present paper sheds light on reference which is important in understanding discourse. Referents become meaningful only in the course of discourse. Modern trends in linguistics pay a great deal of attention to the concepts of discourse and reference, hence our emphasis on this topic. The paper explores the importance of lexical items and their reference in discourse within the theoretical frame set by Benvensite. Benvensite also tackled some challenges in this area, which will also be highlighted here. Most importantly, the study draws a comparison between reference from discoursal perspective and discourse from a pragmatic perspective, and how these two fields of linguistics view this topic.
doi:10.21271/zjhs.24.2.1 fatcat:eyqbm57fzvcdne6lorxvxuahui