Laser Surface Modification of High Carbon Steel Components

M Gowshikan, E Shanmugam, V Senthilraja
2016 South Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
An experimental investigation made with Nd-YAG laser system on the study of effects of laser surface hardening process parameters on the high carbon steel components. It comprise the analysis on microstructure, wear resistance and hardness afte r laser hardening process. The process parameters selected are laser beam power (40-250 W) and scanning speed (1.5-3 mm/s) pulse width (5-20 m/s). To perform this textile spinning spindle blade specimens were used. The experiments made with 3 axes CNC
more » ... hine and 5kW Nd-YAG laser source at RRCAT. The micro structural features, depth of hardness, hardness value of the laser hardened high carbon steel were analysed using SEM. The microstructure of the surface layer was found to maximised martensite and depth of hardness up to 1.6 mm at 900 HV. A substantial increase in surface hardness 2 times and improved wear rate also observed over the conventional hardening processes. Click here and insert your abstract text. .].