Specific heat in high magnetic fields and magnetic phase diagram ofCePt2In7

Y. Krupko, A. Demuer, S. Ota, Y. Hirose, R. Settai, I. Sheikin
2016 Physical review B  
We report specific heat measurements on a high quality single crystal of the heavy-fermion compound CePt_2In_7 in magnetic fields up to 27 T. The zero-field specific heat data above the Néel temperature, T_N, suggest a moderately enhanced value of the electronic specific heat coefficient γ = 180 mJ/K^2mol. For T<T_N, the data at zero applied magnetic field are consistent with the existence of an anisotropic spin-density wave opening a gap on almost entire Fermi surface, suggesting extreme
more » ... mensional electronic and magnetic structures for CePt_2In_7. T_N is monotonically suppressed by magnetic field applied along the c-axis. When field is applied parallel to the a-axis, T_N first increases at low field up to about 10 T and then decreases monotonically at higher field. Magnetic phase diagram based on specific heat measurements suggests that a field-induced quantum critical point is likely to occur slightly below 60 T for both principal orientations of the magnetic field.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.93.085121 fatcat:ixxld5jav5g4hdbeqrgivxzdja