FY15 Status Report on NEAMS Neutronics Activities [report]

C. H. Lee, E. R. Shemon, M. A. Smith, H. M. Connaway, G. Aliberti
2015 unpublished
EXECUTIVE ABSTRACT Under the U.S. DOE NEAMS program, the high-fidelity multi-physics modeling and simulation capability SHARP for nuclear reactor design and analysis has been developed. SHARP is a suite of physics simulation software modules and computational framework components that enables users to accurately evaluate the physical processes of nuclear reactors including neutron transport, thermal fluid, and fuel and structure behaviors. Among the SHARP components, the goal of the NEAMS
more » ... of the NEAMS neutronics effort is to develop a highfidelity deterministic neutron transport code PROTEUS and a cross section library and methodology for use primarily on sodium-cooled fast reactors (SFRs) and extendable to other reactor types such as light water reactors (LWRs) and high temperature reactors (HTRs). The objectives of FY2015 NEAMS neutronics work are to update and improve PROTEUS in order to support a multi-physics demonstration of a reactor coupled with other physics tools, to verify and validate the code together with the cross section libraries for fast and thermal reactors, and to support PROTEUS users. This report summarizes the current status of NEAMS activities in FY2015. The tasks this year are (1) to improve solution methods for steady-state and transient conditions, (2) to develop features and user friendliness to increase the usability and applicability of the code, (3) to improve and verify the multigroup cross section generation scheme, (4) to perform verification and validation tests of the code using SFRs and thermal reactor cores, and (5) to support early users of PROTEUS and update the user manuals.
doi:10.2172/1224981 fatcat:vsrn5k6fcff6fevgicstxfzqby