Review of Satellite Tracking in Bird Migratory Studies

W He-Qi, Yang Xiao-Jun, Jun-Xing Yang
Satellite tracking, based on the Argos satellite system, has been used in the studies of migratory birds since the 1980's, and ornithologists have learned a lot using this method. But it is not widely used by Chinese ornithologists. We satellite-tracked several wintering Black-necked Cranes in Yunnan Province, in the winter of 2004, to confirm their migratory routes. We were also able to review the utility, advantage and development of this technology. Recent research has focused on discovering
more » ... used on discovering migratory routes and important stopover sites, finding new breeding and wintering areas, evaluating habitat quality and habitat use and discussing migration strategies. We hope this review might promote migratory studies and conservation of birds in China.