Measurement of the Bs0 lifetime and production rate with Ds−ℓ+ combinations in Z decays

D Buskulic, D Casper, I De Bonis, D Decamp, P Ghez, C Goy, J.-P Lees, A Lucotte, M.-N Minard, P Odier, B Pietrzyk, F Ariztizabal (+406 others)
1995 Physics Letters B  
The lifetime of the B 0 s meson is measured in approximately 3 million hadronic Z decays accumulated using the ALEPH detector at LEP from 1991 to 1994. Seven dierent D s decay modes were reconstructed and combined with an opposite sign lepton as evidence of semileptonic B 0 s decays. Two h undred and eight D s + candidates satisfy selection criteria designed to ensure precise proper time reconstruction and yield a measured B 0 s lifetime of (B 0 s ) = 1 : 59 +0:17 0:15 (stat) 0:03 (syst) p s :
more » ... sing a larger, less constrained sample of events, the product branching ratio is measured to be Br(b ! B 0 s ) Br(B 0 s ! D s'+ X) = 0 : 82 0:09 (stat) +0:13 0:14 (syst) %:
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(95)01173-n fatcat:chydxzw3azerlk2n3rmx2gopf4