Cyclic Voltammetric Studies on the Role of Electrode, Electrode Surface Modification and Electrolyte Solution of an Electrochemical Cell

S.P Mundinamani, M.K Rabinal
2014 IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry  
The present study has been aimed to understand the role of electrode material, its surface modification by organic molecules, solvent and analyte in an electrochemical cell on cyclic voltammograms. To study these effects, the different electrochemical cells were constituted using different electrode material, different solvents and thiol modification of electrode surface to measure the cyclic voltammograms. The present measurements clearly show that these parameters are significantly important
more » ... ficantly important ones in dictating the nature of the observed voltammograms. The effect of scan rate on cyclic voltammograms has been observed with various scan rates. A plot of the Randles-Sevcik equation yield a straight line, the slope is used to determine the diffusion coefficient. Since the cyclic voltammetry is an important technique in the characterization and in the development of one of the important energy storage devices that are known as supercapacitors. The present investigations clearly help to understand the internal mechanisms of energy storage in these devices so that the better devices can be developed.
doi:10.9790/5736-07924552 fatcat:ekkha3vfczfwhm3u5sgsfzqxyu