B Chitra
2016 Indian Journal of Drugs   unpublished
Antibiotics are critically being used against infectious disease caused by bacteria and other microbes and have saved millions of lives since their first appearance. The emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria is a major problem throughout the world and rational use of antibiotics are very important. Hence a retrospective study was carried out in patients who received at least one antibiotic in General medicine department and analyzed for rationality. The results revealed that the purpose of
more » ... that the purpose of antibiotics prescribed was for prophylaxis and empirical use. Among the study population, smokers were found to have an increased risk of infections, where antibiotics were widely used. Antibiotics were mainly prescribed for AGE, COPD, Pneumonia, LRTI, UTI, PUD, URTI, and Viral fever, ALD, Tuberculosis, Acute Bacillary Dysentery, GERD, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Surgery. Majority of the patients were prescribed with cephalosporin category of antibiotics, followed by fluoroquinolones, penicillin and aminoglycosides. In the study for drug interactions, majority of interactions were seen with levofloxacin and minor interactions with other antibiotics. The pharmacist should play an important role by assessing patient health status and adherence to standard of care by educating the patients on administering medication to prevent resistance from non-compliance. Thus pharmacist should play an important role in health care team by providing information on the rational use of antibiotics for a better patient care.