John B Lowe, Douglas E Berg
1983 Genetics  
The bacterial transposon Tn5 possesses a regulatory mechanism that allows it to move with higher efficiency when it is first introduced into a cell than after it is established. Tn5 is a composite transposable element containing inverted repeats of two nearly identical elements, IS50R, which encodes the transposase protein necessary for Tn5 movement, and IS50L which contains an ochre mutant allele of the transposase gene. Data presented here show that Tn5 transposition is inhibited about
more » ... ibited about 50-fold in cells of Escherichia coli which already carry IS50R in the multicopy plasmid pBR322. If the cells contain a plasmid carrying either IS50L instead of IS50R, or derivatives of IS50R in which the transposase gene has been mutated, little if any inhibition of Tn5 transposition is found. Although inhibition had previously been hypothesized to require interaction between the products of IS50L and IS50R, our results show that IS50R alone is sufficient to mediate inhibition and suggest that the inhibitor is a product of the transposase gene itself.
doi:10.1093/genetics/103.4.605 fatcat:2hdwkx4y65chlhb4wihkprmtky