Implementation and study of Bluetooth Technology in Wireless sensor Networks [article]

ganesh E N
Wireless sensor networks – networks of small devices equipped with sensors, microprocessor and wireless communication interfaces – are a technology that has gained a lot of interest lately. The broad spectrum of new and interesting applications, ranging from personal health-care to environmental monitoring and military applications, is proposed for such networks. Various wireless technologies, like simple RF, Bluetooth, UWB or infrared might be used for communication between sensors. In this
more » ... er the main principles, applications and issues of Bluetooth based wireless sensor networks, as well as an implementation of a simple Bluetooth based sensor network are described. The main problems experienced during the implementation and applied solutions are presented
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.20424528.v1 fatcat:cot6szcdf5f5nflnokvb344r2a