Moonlighting Proteins in the Fuzzy Logic of Cellular Metabolism

Haipeng Liu, Constance J. Jeffery
2020 Molecules  
The numerous interconnected biochemical pathways that make up the metabolism of a living cell comprise a fuzzy logic system because of its high level of complexity and our inability to fully understand, predict, and model the many activities, how they interact, and their regulation. Each cell contains thousands of proteins with changing levels of expression, levels of activity, and patterns of interactions. Adding more layers of complexity is the number of proteins that have multiple functions.
more » ... Moonlighting proteins include a wide variety of proteins where two or more functions are performed by one polypeptide chain. In this article, we discuss examples of proteins with variable functions that contribute to the fuzziness of cellular metabolism.
doi:10.3390/molecules25153440 pmid:32751110 fatcat:rlnoa7srnjgnfghszhgmoktrqq