Standardized Estimation of Spatial Resolution of Confocal Raman Imaging

Eunji Lee, Youngbum Kim, Jeongyong Kim
2019 Journal of Surface Analysis  
The confocal Raman microscope is a very useful tool that spatially visualizes the Raman activity of a sample with diffraction-limited high spatial resolution. Spatial resolution is a key specification of the performance of a manufactured Raman microscope but is often characterized differently. Here, test specimens made using dispersed carbon nanotubes and suspended graphene were prepared and measured to provide standardized estimation of the lateral and axial spatial resolution of the Raman
more » ... oscope. General information of the standard specimen for lateral or axial resolution and case studies of actual measurements are also provided.
doi:10.1384/jsa.26.154 fatcat:sfsiqbdzxvhanmuvzslcn65zza