Enhancing lichen inventories in Italy: new records of Cladonia, Nephroma and Peltigera from the mountains of Lombardia

2022 Borziana  
online. We report 510 records of 58 species belonging to the three lichen genera Cladonia P. Browne, Nephroma Ach. and Peltigera Willd. from 57 sites in the Prealps and Alps of Lombardia (Northern Italy). Four mountain sectors were investigated: the Orobic Prealps and Alps (19 sites), the Brescia Prealps (9 sites), the Adamello massif (8 sites), and the Rhaetian Alps (22 sites). Cladonia was represented by 39 species (415 records), Nephroma by 2 species (7 records), Peltigera by 17 species (88
more » ... ecords). Some relevant records are reported for species from each genus. Albeit all of the recorded species have been already reported from Lombardia and most of them are common and widespread, some records refer to species of conservation concern, and all of the data reported here can contribute at improving the knowledge on the distribution of these genera, which is at the base of a better understanding of their ecology and of any eventual conservation strategy.
doi:10.7320/borz.003.005 fatcat:q6337l4mvrg45ape6si7kzbtwa