Michael Barton, University of British Columbia
2018 106th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, The Ethical Imperative   unpublished
Architecture as a practice and profession is seeking a role for its collaborative, synthetic, humanistic aptitudes in the face of the escalating dominance of technological influences. That role may be found by evolving into a "synphronetic" practice in which production and other actuated systems emerge from ethical systems. While drawing context from philosopher Bernard Stiegler's discussion of technology, his notion of hyper-control, and articulation of the concept of the pharmakon, this paper
more » ... will arrive at a definition and discussion of "synphronesis" and speculate on the future role of the Architect as a humanistic technologist.
doi:10.35483/ fatcat:45cnmm3yxvhzranqvp3i7bvlzq