Polarized Infrared Spectra of Benzene Derivatives

1964 Nippon kagaku zassi  
The polarized infrared spectra of highly oriented crystals of m-dinitrobenzene, acetanilide and P-dimethoxybenzene were measured. The directions of transition moments of hydrogen out-of-plane vibrations and their combination bands were calculated from dichroic ratios, and were compared with the results of X-ray analysis. The agreement was satisfactory in the case of m-dinitrobenzene which has an approximate CO, symmetry.For acetanilide, some differences were found between the infrared results
more » ... infrared results and those of X-ray analysis when its benzene ring was assumed to have Cz" symmetry. However, when Cs symmetry was assumed, a good agreement was obtained. *0I7J: ( 366 )
doi:10.1246/nikkashi1948.85.3_186 fatcat:vxrdk74qnbfh5ppoolxq2tewhu