Mapping Server Collaboration Architecture Design with OpenVSLAM for Mobile Devices

Jooeun Song, Joongjin Kook
2022 Applied Sciences  
SLAM technology, which is used for spatial recognition in autonomous driving and robotics, has recently emerged as an important technology to provide high-quality AR contents on mobile devices due to the spread of XR and metaverse technologies. In this paper, we designed, implemented, and verified the SLAM system that can be used on mobile devices. Mobile SLAM is composed of a stand-alone type that directly performs SLAM operation on a mobile device and a mapping server type that additionally
more » ... nfigures a mapping server based on FastAPI to perform SLAM operation on the server and transmits data for map visualization to a mobile device. The mobile SLAM system proposed in this paper mixes the two types in order to make SLAM operation and map generation more efficient. The stand-alone type of SLAM system was configured as an Android app by porting the OpenVSLAM library to the Unity engine, and the map generation and performance were evaluated on desktop PCs and mobile devices. The mobile SLAM system in this paper is an open-source project, so it is expected to help develop AR contents based on SLAM in a mobile environment.
doi:10.3390/app12073653 fatcat:xfkh7kalbzfezmopo5peu5xbzq