Valentina Romaniţa, Ionescu, Mariana Lucreţia, Constantinescu
2013 unpublished
On the saturated market area by the banking service offers, the interest rate isn't certainly the only factor which determines the customers' freedom choice between formal and informal because certainly it keeps in touch with the other factors such as the flexibility of loan terms is at stake understanding of the customers' habits and their expectations that are essential to understand their perception of the banking products quality. This paper aims the banks' contribution to develop a process
more » ... o develop a process of financial inclusion of the target-groups of population based on the social responsibility of banks because, we consider that a sustained financial inclusion can be achieved only when the banks give high quality services focused to the customers' or clients' needs. The financial habits complexity of the target-customers and the deep connection between financial practices and codes of society, may promote to a vision about the financial services quality very unconventionally. The evaluation of financial services quality is very complex and the consumers/clients don't always the same standard of the evaluation criteria, reason for which the banks must find a vector which proves to be the link between the prevention non-quality services and the customers' satisfaction that determines their loyalty to the bank. Thus the performance on the market become the result of the Quality management implementation-vector that orientates the stakeholders towards client and environment and the mission of the bank as a responsible company will be full attend.