Influence of Al concentration on the thermal behavior of Cu-Al-Mn-Ag alloys initially annealed

Camila Maria Andrade Dos Santos, Antonio Tallarico Vicente Adorno, Juan Carlos Guerrero Barreto, Ricardo Alexandre Galdino Da Silva
2015 Brazilian Journal of Thermal Analysis  
In this work the influence of Al concentration on the thermal behavior of the Cu-xwt.%Al-10wt.%Mn-3wt.%Ag (x = 7, 9 or 11wt.% Al) alloys initially annealed was studied using different experimental techniques. The results obtained showed that annealed alloys exhibit a similar thermal behavior. The increase from 7 to 9wt.%Al does not change the phases presented in the alloys, but the addition of 11%Al causes a modification in the reactions characteristics.
doi:10.18362/bjta.v4.i3.221 fatcat:76awqxzdjfewvnvlebgnbhvwbm