Spanning trees with nonseparating paths [article]

Cristina G. Fernandes, César Hernández-Vélez, Orlando Lee, José C. de Pina
2014 arXiv   pre-print
We consider questions related to the existence of spanning trees in graphs with the property that after the removal of any path in the tree the graph remains connected. We show that, for planar graphs, the existence of trees with this property is closely related to the Hamiltonicity of the graph. For graphs with a 1- or 2-vertex cut, the Hamiltonicity also plays a central role. We also deal with spanning trees satisfying this property restricted to paths arising from fundamental cycles. The
more » ... e space of a graph can be generated by the fundamental cycles of any spanning tree, and Tutte showed, that for a 3-connected graph, it can be generated by nonseparating cycles. We are also interested in the existence of a fundamental basis consisting of nonseparating cycles.
arXiv:1409.4239v1 fatcat:46ip7zonefezxfct4galg2o774