Unified assign and schedule: a new approach to scheduling for clustered register file microarchitectures

E. Ozer, S. Banerjia, T.M. Conte
Proceedings. 31st Annual ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Microarchitecture  
Recently, there has been a trend towards clustered microarchitectures to reduce the cycle time for wideissue microprocessors. In such processors, the register file and functional units are partitioned and grouped into clusters. Instruction scheduling for a clustered machine requires assignment and scheduling of operations to the clusters. In this paper, a new scheduling algorithm named unified-assign-and-schedule (UAS) is proposed for clustered, statically-scheduled architectures. UAS merges
more » ... ures. UAS merges the cluster assignment and instruction scheduling phases in a natural and straightforward fashion. We compared the performance of UAS with various heuristics to the well-known Bottom-up Greedy (BUG) algorithm and to an optimal cluster scheduling algorithm, measuring the schedule lengths produced by all of the schedulers. Our results show that UAS gives better performance than the BUG algorithm and is quite close to optimal.
doi:10.1109/micro.1998.742792 dblp:conf/micro/OzerBC98 fatcat:s7a2sm4bw5byrbkqvvml7zzuv4