(Precursor for) Quantum Boundary Conditions for Expanding Universe

Andrew Walcott Beckwith
2017 Journal of High Energy Physics Gravitation and Cosmology  
Using Hall and Reginatto's condition for a Wheeler De Witt Equation for a Friedman-Walker metric coupled to a (Inflaton) scalar field φ , we delineate the outer boundary of the value of a scale factor ( ) a t for quantum effects, in an expanding universe. The inflaton field is from Padmanabhan's reference, "An Invitation to Astrophysics" which yields a nonstandard Potential ( ) , U a φ which will lead to an algebraic expression for ( ) a t for the value of the outer boundary of quantum effects
more » ... of quantum effects in the universe. Afterwards, using the scale factor ( ) initial a t a t α = ⋅ , with alpha given different values, we give an estimation as to a time, t (time) which is roughly the boundary of the range of quantum effects. How this is unusual? We use the Wheeler De Witt Equation, as a coupling to a given inflaton field φ and find a different way as to delineate a time regime for the range of quantum effects in an expanding universe.
doi:10.4236/jhepgc.2017.31003 fatcat:pp2lxvohzrdrnda76j5njfffmq