A new parameterized entanglement monotone [article]

Xue Yang, Ming-Xing Luo, Yan-Han Yang, Shao-Ming Fei
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Entanglement concurrence has been widely used for featuring entanglement in quantum experiments. As an entanglement monotone it is related to specific quantum Tsallis entropy. Our goal in this paper is to propose a new parameterized bipartite entanglement monotone which is named as q-concurrence inspired by general Tsallis entropy. We derive an analytical lower bound for the q-concurrence of any bipartite quantum entanglement state by employing positive partial transposition criterion and
more » ... nment criterion, which shows an interesting relationship to the strong separability criteria. The new entanglement monotone is used to characterize bipartite isotropic states. Finally, we provide a computational method to estimate the q-concurrence for any entanglement by superposing two bipartite pure states. It shows that the superposition operations can at most increase one ebit for the q-concurrence in the case that the two states being superposed are bi-orthogonal or one-sided orthogonal. These results reveal a series of new phenomena about the entanglement, which may be interesting in quantum communication and quantum information processing.
arXiv:2101.04256v1 fatcat:cls5pvflhrbcndovhslmww442e