Digital Infrastructure as a Component of Emergency Medical Services Transformation

2020 Public administration and local government  
The importance of digital infrastructure for the transformation of emergency medical services as one of the priority areas of public policy and public authorities are considered. Some approaches to the definition of digital infrastructure are studied. This study made it possible to identify the components of the digital infrastructure of emergency medical services and outline its role in the health care ecosystem. The approach to the application of the modular architecture of the digital
more » ... the digital infrastructure of emergency medical services as a conceptual basis for the integration of information systems of different departments into a single emergency system is considered. Exist two groups of mechanisms that influence the formation of the digital infrastructure of emergency medical services and indicate the causal links that explain how their use can lead to the transformation of emergency medical services. The range of tasks that are solve due to the digital infrastructure aimed at improving the efficiency, accuracy of diagnosis and provision of emergency medical services is outlined. New opportunities are opening up to improve the quality of emergency medical services provision in a human-centered health care system based on a digital infrastructure, the central elements of which are the exchange of information contained in electronic records and patient health cards and mobile digital devices, diagnostics and information transfer. The list of problems on the way of emergency medical services transformation is formulated and some recommendations for their solution are offered, the formulation of which is based on the analysis of existing practices and own long-term experience at the emergency medical services system.
doi:10.33287/102078 fatcat:xexo6spmwzgpdgxbrnidrcgk4a