Microbial Metabolism. Part 6. Metabolites of 3- and 7-Hydroxyflavones

Wimal Herath, Julie Rakel Mikell, Amber Lynn Hale, Daneel Ferreira, Ikhlas Ahmad Khan
2006 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
Fermentation of 3-hydroxyflavone (1) with Beauveria bassiana (ATCC 13144) yielded 3,4-dihdroxyflavone (3), flavone 3-O-b b-D-4-O-methylglucopyranoside (4) and two minor metabolites. 7-Hydroxyflavone (2) was transformed by Nocardia species (NRRL 5646) to 7-methoxyflavone (5) whilst Aspergillus alliaceus (ATCC 10060) converted it to 4,7-dihydroxyflavone (6). Flavone 7-O-b b-D-4-O-metylglucopyranoside (7) and 4-hydroxyflavone 7-Ob b-D-4-O-methylglucopyranoside (8) were the metabolic products of
more » ... ydroxyflavone (2) when fermented with Beauveria bassiana (ATCC 7159). One of the minor metabolites of 3-hydroxyflavone (1) was tentatively assigned a b b-chalcanol structure (9). Compounds 4, 7 and 8 are reported as new compounds. Structure elucidation of the metabolites was based on spectroscopic data.
doi:10.1248/cpb.54.320 pmid:16508185 fatcat:ua3sbdclebezlpunvnqy2km5ve