Implementation of a platform supporting programming assignments in university courses [article]

Δημήτριος Λ. Μαχαίρας, Χρήστος Δ. Αντωνόπουλος, University Of Thessaly, University Of Thessaly
As the time passes, the number of university students is rapidly increasing, and the whole procedure of the submissions management is getting much more difficult. Each university department has its own needs, in accordance to the subject that is being taught. For example, a computer science department, may need web applications for programming courses, where professors will be able to assign programming tasks to their students. Due to the fact that it concerns programming courses on different
more » ... rses on different programming languages, when students submit their tasks, they should be able to view compilation results and results from test cases. Moreover, since it is a rather common phenomenon that many students try to cheat and copy from each other, it is vital that such an application use a kind of plagiarism system, which will detect the same code parts. Furthermore, after the deadline, professors should have the ability to assign each submission to a grader for grading and commenting. Consequently, when grades and comments are ready, professors should be able to publish them so that the students can directly view them. The purpose of this project is to develop a web platform, which can support programming assignments (mainly in C programming language), and fulfill the functionality which was described in the previous paragraph. In some words, we develop a web platform, where there are 4 kinds of users: Administrator, Professor, Assistant or Grader and Student. Each user has his own functionality. In particular, every kind of user can administer courses, labs and homeworks in his own way, apart from administrator, who can also administer even users. Last but not least, we used MVC 5 architecture and Bootstrap 3 framework in order to develop our platform. We have also used SQL for our database, Cygwin software for compilation functionality and Moss script for system plagiarism's functionality.
doi:10.26253/heal.uth.7151 fatcat:lhajsogekbcelcdm2djujetjma