Advanced photovoltaic-trough development [report]

R. Spencer, K. Yasuda, B. Merson
1982 unpublished
This final report presents results of the Acurex advanced photovoltaic trough concentrator project funded through DOE through Sandia National Laboratories. The scope of the work includes analytical studies, hardware development, and component testing. Various aspects of the system have been optimized and improvements have been realized, particularly in the receiver and reflecting surface designs. An empirical system performance model has been developed that closely agrees with measured system
more » ... h measured system performance. This in-depth study of single-axis reflecting linear focus photovoltaic concentrators will be very beneficial in the development of improved models for similar systems as well as other photovoltaic concentrator designs. Prepared for Sandia National Laboratories under Contract #13-9493.
doi:10.2172/5350106 fatcat:3mgtoqytcnannns2yfbxr25noe