The British Medical Journal

1881 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
THESE soda-mint tablets contain each four grains of bicarbonate of soda, a quarter of a grain of amnimlonia, and one-eighth of a drop of peppermint. This is obviously a very efficient combiniation, and the tablets themselves are manufactured wihn the utmost neatness and perfection. The very convenient form in which they are presented facilitates their use bv travellers, business and professional men of all kinds, inasmuch as they are highly portable, dry, and easily carried in the
more » ... n the waistcoat-pocket. They are obvioiusly to be employed in cases of flatulence, heartburn, sick-headache, aricd for dyspepsia arising from acid secretionis of the stomach. HAY'S GINGER CHAMPAGNE. THIS so-called ginger champagne, made by Mr. I-Hay of I-lull, is manufactured with his well-known soluble essence of Jamaica ginger, and is a modified form of ginger-beer. It takes rank among its class as a pure, wholesome, stimulating, and *.;n-alcoholic beverage. AN INVALID"S DOOR-BOLT. SIR,-Possibly others, as well as m-nyself, have had aged or invalid patients who, sleeping in a room alone, would still persist in locking their doors. In order to relieve the anxiety of friends, and at the same time give the individuals their sense of security, Messrs. Stark of this place have, at my suggestion, constructecl a "lock-chain bolt", of which a specimen has been sent to you. In every respect, it resembles an ordinary chain-bolt, but with a lock in the middle, to be opened only by a key in care of some member of the family, so that, in case of sudden illness, there need be no difficulty in eff-ecting an entrance to the room.l As, of course, o.nly the person havin, the key could unlock the door, the " lock-chain belt" is as secture as the ordinary kind.-I remain, sir, yours faithfully,
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.1046.90-a fatcat:qpga26wrgrcspezvui25nv2glm