Inner-shell electron spectroscopy and chemical properties of atoms and small molecules [report]

T. Darrah Thomas
2009 unpublished
Executive Summary The program has been concerned with measuring the gas-phase carbon 1s photoelectron spectra of a number of molecules of potential chemical interest. The primary goals have been to determine carbon 1s ionization energies with a view of relating these to other chemical properties such as electronegativity, acidity, basicity, and reactivity, in order to provide a better understanding of these fundamental properties. With these goals in mind, the project has been concerned with
more » ... role of electronegativity in the determining the ionization energies of halogenated methanes, and this work has provided a better understanding of the chemical factors that influence these ionization energies. Similarly, the role of electron-donating (methyl) and electron-withdrawing (fluoro) substituents on the carbon 1s ionization energies of substituted benzenes has been studied. These results have been related to measurements of the reactivities of the same molecule as well as to their affinities for protons (basicity). These comparisons have provided new and clearer insights into the factors that influence these significant chemical properties.
doi:10.2172/946170 fatcat:ldtigdm64bfrnaa7xc6ooyh2ey