Compressive and Shear Behaviour of AA6063-TiC Composites

S Saravanan, P Senthilkumar, S Sankar
2017 International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications (IJLERA)   unpublished
The development of aluminium metal matrix composite materials by combining the desirable attributes of metals and Ceramics. Here AA 6063 used as the matrix material in which TiC added as the reinforced material. The present investigation focuses to improve the properties of AA6063 by the addition of TiC. AA 6063-TiC composite was fabricated by stir casting route by varying percentage of TiC reinforcement. An addition of 9 wt. % of TiC has achieved maximum compressive strength 294.3 MPa and
more » ... 294.3 MPa and shear strength 95.9MPa compared to as-cast AA6063.