Agnieszka Pladzyk, Katarzyna Baranowska
2007 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Key indicators: single-crystal X-ray study; T = 120 K; mean (C-C) = 0.003 Å; disorder in main residue; R factor = 0.035; wR factor = 0.095; data-to-parameter ratio = 15.2. The title compound, [Co(C 12 H 27 O 3 SSi) 2 (C 7 H 9 N)(NH 3 )], was obtained by the reaction of dimeric [Co{SSi(O t Bu) 3 } 2 (NH 3 )] 2 with 2-ethylpyridine. The Co II atom is coordinated by two S atoms from two silanethiolate ligands and two N atoms, one from ammonia and one from a 2-ethylpyridine molecule. The
more » ... of the ligands around the Co II centre facilitates the formation of an intermolecular N-HÁ Á ÁS hydrogen bond. One of the tert-butyl groups and the 2-ethylpyridine ligand are disordered over two positions each, with approximate occupancy ratios of 2:1 and 3:1, respectively.
doi:10.1107/s1600536807025421 fatcat:uymxjf7cznfqfdlckey3e2ji3y