The Mechanism of Deliberate Jamming On the Broadcast Satellite Service

Riyad Mahmood
A direct broadcast satellite is making maximum efforts to transmission the TV signal from the source to the receiving in the small home earth stations, especially the important events of a widespread public demand. The power and the nature of the television signal affected by losses resulting from the length of the path and the natural noise , thus the signal's loss part of its power at the reception, but the most influential is the possibility of deliberate jamming, thus the signal of
more » ... has loosed completely. So we are in this research analysis of the technical side to transmit the signal from the Earth station to the satellite, which is the line upward and then receive that signal and processed by machines effector inside the satellite and resent as a line downward to the receiving stations. The statement of the impact of deliberate jamming on that process by attacking the line upward by the largest power after the completion of the integrated analysis the original signal using sophisticated of high technology equipment. Based on that, we can see the statement of the used method to deliberate jamming on satellite's channels and methods of prevention ,then it used the simulation program (MATLAB) according to the laws relating to communication satellites, taking into account the latitude and longitude and geographic location of ground stations, satellites, sending and receiving. The results were important and productive because they determine the ability and nature of the signal for a private reception with deferent effects.