Harmonised Approach For The Risk Assessment Of Com-Pounds Which Are Both Genotoxic And Carcinogenic [report]

German Federal Institute For Risk Assessment
2005 Zenodo  
EFSA has prepared a draft for a harmonised strategy for the risk assessment of genotoxic and carcinogenic substances and presented this draft for discussion. The concept examines the exposure of the consumer to a specific substance and compares this with the carcinogenic effect of a defined dose in an animal experiment. Genotoxic and carcinogenic compounds are thus to be classified according to their potential risk. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has voiced its opinion on the EFSA
more » ... ft. In principle, the Institute welcomes the concept. However, BfR recommends - amongst other things - that this strategy be pursued in addition to the previously used ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle and not instead of it. If the new strategy is used in isolation, the Institute believes there is a risk that the application of the minimisation principle to all genotoxic and carcinogenic substances without exception, the current practice, will be undermined.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.580757 fatcat:6fnx6maszzh7bjgxa3kxcv2qve