Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil and Murrum Using Quarry Dust

Shyam Koganti, Dr Hanumantha, Rao Chappidi
The construction of the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh may begin on the banks of river Krishna around the historic Amaravathi town and proceed on either side of the river, eventually encircling Vijayawada. The majority of the land situated on the banks of Krishna River is black cotton soil. The samples collected from the study area were tested the engineering characteristics by stabilizing with 5% to 20% replacement of quarry dust. Most of the quarries are situated in and around the capital
more » ... city. So as the replacement of waste material like quarry dust can be considered for the stabilization. The results of the compaction parameters and CBR values of the soil are improved substantially with the addition of the Stone dust for both black cotton soil and Murrum. It is also found that the swelling of the black cotton soil is almost controlled and for the murrum soil gives good results. The result showed that the CBR value increased, the optimum moisture content has been reduced and the maximum dry density has been increased.