Preparation of Fragrant Microcapsule for Reducing Stress
긴장완화를 위한 향기나는 마이크로캡슐의 제조

Yoon A Kim, So Hyun Kim, Ji Su Park, Da Som Lee, Jin Gon Kim, Jae Sup Shin
2012 Adhesion and Interface  
A fragrant microcapsule was prepared for use by students to reduce the stress of taking examinations. Rosmarinic acid was used as a fragrant oil which had the effect of relaxing stress, polycaprolactone (PCL) was used as a capsule wall material, and poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) as a stabilizer. The solvent evaporation method was used to form the microcapsule. The microcapsules were prepared by changing the stirring rate, the concentration of the stabilizer, and the molecular weight of PCL. The
more » ... e of the microcapsule was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The size of the microcapsule was reduced by increasing the stirring speed. The release rate of rosmarinic acid was decreased when the higher molecular weight PCL was used. When the prepared microcapsule was tested in an aromatherapy class, the microencapsulated fragrant oil had a longer release time than the original fragrant oil. The study data showed that this fragrant oil was effective for increasing concentration ability, reducing stress, increasing digestive power, and increasing memory for the students.
doi:10.17702/jai.2012.13.1.017 fatcat:s2buh5w2cbginofw6wyotlyft4