Effect of Paternal Genotypes Sprays with BA and IAA Concentration on Embryo Rescue of F1 Progenies from 'Askari' (Vitis vinifera L.) Cultivar

M Razi, R Jalili Marandi, H Doulati Baneh, B Hosseini, R Darvishzadeh
2013 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
The major objective of seedless grape breeding program is production of grapes with high quality. Breeding of seedless grapes is difficult because the embryos are aborted after fertilization. Embryo rescue technique is utilized to obtain plants from crosses between seedless cultivars. In the present study, the effect of paternal genotypes and different IAA concentrations in presence of BA applications were investigated on embryo rescue in Askari cultivar in randomized complete block design with
more » ... three replications. Sprays with BA were performed two times at 18 E-L and 27 E-L stages. Hybrid embryos were produced from the cross between Askari cultivar as a female parent and Ruby Seedless, Bidane Sefid, and Bidane Ghermez as male parents. Forty days after pollination (at 29 E-L stage), ovules were cultured on NN medium with three different concentrations of IAA (1, 1.75, 3 mg L-1). The results showed that male genotypes and different concentrations of IAA on the media had a significant effect on embryo germination. BA treatment did not affect the embryo germination solely. But, the effect of BA and different concentrations of IAA was significant on embryo germination. The best concentration of IAA with BA treatment was 1 mg L-1 and without BA was 3 mg L-1. The highest embryo germination rate was observed in 'Askari×Ruby Seedless' cross that was pretreated with BA and cultured on medium with 1 mg L-1 IAA concentration.