Analysis the Process and Priorities of Urbanization in the Mashhad city After Islamic Revolution of Iran

Lucia Nucci, Akbar Heydari, Ph Student
Urbanization can be seen as a process that its requirements consist of making schedule changes and hastily refrain from in the urban systems. The aim of this paper is the analysis of the process and priorities of urbanization in the Mashhad city with special emphasis on the period post-Islamic Revolution of Iran (1979 onward). The applied methodology is based on analytical-descriptive approach. We have used documental, field survey methods to collect information. Results showed that Mashhad
more » ... as the greatest city in the southeast of Iran is facing accelerated urbanization. The formation of marginal sectors in the surroundings of the main city center is an important parameter for this rapid growth. Finally, we can present some solutions to encourage private sector to play more role in the investment of housing activity.