An open virtual multi-services networking architecture for the future internet

May El Barachi, Nadjia Kara, Sleiman Rabah, Mathieu Forgues
2015 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
Network virtualization is considered as a promising way to overcome the limitations and fight the gradual ossification of the current Internet infrastructure. The network virtualization concept consists in the dynamic creation of several co-existing logical network instances (or virtual networks) over a shared physical network infrastructure. We have previously proposed a service-oriented hierarchical business model for virtual networking environments. This model promotes the idea of network as
more » ... a service, by considering the functionalities offered by different types of network resources as services of different levelsservices that can be dynamically discovered, used, and composed. In this paper, we propose an open, virtual, multi-services networking architecture enabling the realization of our business model. We also demonstrate the operation of our architecture using a virtualized QoS-enabled VoIP scenario. Moreover, virtual routing and control level performance was evaluated using proof-of-concept prototyping. Several important findings were made in the course of this work; one is that service-oriented concepts can be used to build open, flexible, and collaborative virtual networking environments. Another finding is that some of the existing open source virtual routing solutions such as Vyatta are only suitable for building small to medium size virtual networking infrastructures.
doi:10.1186/s13174-015-0019-3 fatcat:taseqfzdybe6zg7i7tiimr2hla