Study on the Influence of Folk Fine Arts on Digital Media Art Teaching at Colleges and Universities in Multiple Perspectives

Hui Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education   unpublished
A folk fine art is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. Its unique form, content and style can have a great effect on the digital media art teaching, involving teaching objectives, teaching patterns, teaching contents and many other aspects. In view of this, this paper starts with the connotations and characteristics of folk fine arts and analyzes its influence in detail. Keywords-folk fine arts; digital media art teaching; influence; research and analysis I. ABOUT FOLK FINE ARTS Chinese
more » ... olk fine arts is a special category of fine arts, referring especially to a kind of fine art form which is produced mainly by ordinary laboring people from the lower class, based on their own living needs and developed continuously from collective inheritance and historical accumulation. It has dozens of forms, including painting, sculpture, toy, costume, drama, paper cutting, weaving and so on, and is characterized in a number of ways. Firstly, because China has a long history, vast territory and numerous ethnic groups, folk fine art is a collection and carries rich and diverse culture. Secondly, folk fine arts, created by the public of the Chinese nation, embody a unique cultural outlook and aesthetic standard. Thirdly, it is produced from productive labor and thus is extremely closely related to the life of working people. Finally, known as one of the parent arts of Chinese nation and evolving thousands of years, it is characterized by the continuity of traditional national culture. In contrast to the digital media art at colleges and universities, both of which are visual communication art, ancient folk fine arts is bound to inspire and benefit the young digital media art in many ways. An emphasis on, and the utilization of such influence, helps not only promote the teaching quality in essence and open a special path for the teaching of digital media art in China, but also provide a new mode of inheritance for folk fine arts, an ancient art, answering multiple purposes.
doi:10.2991/icadce-15.2015.157 fatcat:bharytl6g5achms45h3yo55kgm