PVDF gauge characterization of hypervelocity-impact-generated debris clouds

M. B. Boslough, L. C. Chhabildas, W. D. Reinhart, C. A. Hall, J. M. Miller, R. Hickman, S. A. Mullin, D. L. Littlefield
1994 AIP Conference Proceedings  
We have used PVDF gauges to determine time-resolved stresses resulting from interaction between hypervelocity-impactgenerated debris clouds and various target gauge blocks. Debris clouds were generated from three different impact configurations: 1) steel spheres impacting steel bumper sheets at 4.5 to 6.0 km/s, 2) aluminum inhibited shaped-charge jets impacting aluminum bumper sheets at 11.4 km/s, and 3) titanium disks impacting titanium bumper sheets at 7.6 to 10.1 km/s. Additional data were
more » ... itional data were collected from the various experiments using flash X-ray radiography, pulsed laser photography, impact flash measurements, time-resolved strain gauge measurements, and velocity intelferometry (VISAR). Data from these various techniques are in general agreement with one another and with hydrocode predictions, and provide: a quantitative and comprehensive picture of impact-generated debris clouds. mrlol Ln OF TPt|S DOGUMENT |8 UNLIMI'rr_._I _ D_TRIB4JTION tj"
doi:10.1063/1.46353 fatcat:anxx5eta5bgmrin2bybcv4a67e