Elia Machado de Oliveira, Wellington Fernando da Silva Ferreira
2019 Revista da Universidade Vale do Rio Verde  
A presentation of the auditoire of the auditoire and of the auditoire of the auditoire and of the chirurgie of the hospital. Methodologically, a qualitative exploratory descriptive study was chosen through a systematic review of the literature, a search was made for national periodical studies: SCIELO, LILAS, BIREME, published between les années 2013 and the first two months of 2018, in this way , in the last phase of selection, made the complete reading of all the manuscripts, and final sample
more » ... s, and final sample consisting of 16 complete scientific texts. Note the relevance of the audit in the current scenario of health institutions, helping in the areas of costs and quality of services, the use of audit as a management tool should observe dynamics of health actions and services, intensify training and ongoing training of all involved and quality management contributes pre-registration services and organizations with the final purpose of efficiently meeting the users. Lastly, the aspects of the audit and the extensibility of the auditorium instrument do not appear to be the same as the
doi:10.5892/ruvrd.v17i1.4973 fatcat:mklbz3n5nrbgflpiqpfzmvn36u