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2019 Journal of Virology  
Physiological Factors Leading to Enterovirus Expansion and Uncoating The mechanisms at work to uncoat enteroviruses are not well understood. Using real-time uncoating measurements and high-resolution structures, found that albumin and a preset ion composition cause pocket factor release, capsid expansion, and fenestration, while the genome remains anchored to the capsid. Before entering cells, extracellular albumin primes the virus into a metastable yet infectious intermediate state. Ionic
more » ... es, likely within endosomes, contribute to uncoating and promote genome release after viral particle endocytosis. This work provides new insight into the uncoating of enteroviruses which may yield targets for therapeutic development. Real-time uncoating measurement of enterovirus expanding at 37°C upon serum (or albumin) treatment. Relationship between hemagglutinin pH stability, virulence, and transmission. Kinetic analysis of parainfluenza virus type 2 transcription and replication. Neuronal differentiation and radial organization in human cortical organoids in the absence of HCMV infection.
doi:10.1128/jvi.01080-19 fatcat:mfyisnl3yrd45ojowee37wircy