The Effect of Legal Culture Shift on Land Tenure in Leuwidamar District, Lebak-Banten

Yuwono Prianto, Narumi Bungas Gazali, Viony Kresna Sumantri, Eddy Suntoso
2020 Proceedings of the Tarumanagara International Conference on the Applications of Social Sciences and Humanities (TICASH 2019)   unpublished
Population Growth, technology and interaction with the society has been grown up hedonism for example like using handphone, wearing jewelry, driving vehicle, until land tenure in Kanekes / Baduy colony that previously had ascetic culture. There is a tendency between the legal culture and applicable legal system. The moral principles that were adopted began to be ruled out aside like Baduy Tangtu, rather open than Baduy Penamping and vividly by Baduy Dangka who became a mualaf or married with
more » ... local. In the beginning of 2004, Baduy society yet had around 850 Ha area that had been brought from the local with the average of ownership of each person around 1-2 Ha. Meanwhile, Urang Tangtu & the Jakarta begin to overwhelm the land in absentee method which is violated by national agrarian law and Kanekes village regulation. In Lembah Brokah & Landeuh village which is fostered by YASMUI and At-Taubah 60 Foundation, Baduy mualaf obtained waqf from them whom prersuade other parties to purchase the land around Kanekes Village to cultivated with profit sharing system.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.200515.094 fatcat:qqnnhrbxqbcivbhh7uks2pn3yy