Advance validation of radiation hardness and reliability of lasers for CMS optical links

R. Macias, M. Axer, S. Dris, K. Gill, R. Grabit, E. Noah, J. Troska, F. Vasey
2005 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
The production of laser transmitters for 60000 optical links is ongoing for the CMS Experiment at CERN. A series of advance validation tests (AVTs) that assure the radiation hardness and reliability has been performed on 390 edge-emitting 1310nm lasers taken from 13 different starting wafers, before the laser die have been assembled into final transmitters. The AVT also offered a first opportunity to characterize, with good statistics, the effects of radiation damage, annealing and accelerated ageing, using a large number of laser samples.
doi:10.1109/tns.2005.855812 fatcat:ri65jutayzeupk453u3bonqd54