Thermal flux-flow regime in long Josephson tunnel junctions [article]

Claudio Guarcello, Paolo Solinas, Francesco Giazotto, Alessandro Braggio
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We study thermal transport induced by soliton dynamics in a long Josephson tunnel junction operating in the flux-flow regime. A thermal bias across the junction is established by imposing the superconducting electrodes to reside at different temperatures, when solitons flow along the junction. Here, we consider the effect of both a bias current and an external magnetic field on the thermal evolution of the device. In the flux-flow regime, a chain of magnetically-excited solitons rapidly moves
more » ... ong the junction driven by the bias current. We explore the range of bias current triggering the flux-flow regime at fixed values of magnetic field, and the stationary temperature distribution in this operation mode. We evidence a steady multi-peaked temperature profile which reflects on the average soliton distribution along the junction. Finally, we analyse also how the friction affecting the soliton dynamics influences the thermal evolution of the system.
arXiv:1904.13172v1 fatcat:ghtgcyl66ng2hezfpqnyfs5knu