Immobilized unfolded cytochrome c acts as a catalyst for dioxygen reduction

Claudio Tavagnacco, Stefano Monari, Antonio Ranieri, Carlo Augusto Bortolotti, Silvia Peressini, Marco Borsari
2011 Chemical Communications  
Electronic Supplementary Information Figure S1 Fig. S1 Cyclic voltammograms for the unfolded His-His form of yeast cytochrome c adsorbed on a polycrystalline gold electrode coated with MP ( __ __ __ ) and for reduction of O 2 on a polycrystalline gold electrode coated with MP ( _______ ). Working solution: 10 mM sodium perchlorate and 5 mM phosphate buffer at pH 7, urea concentration 9 M. Sweep rate 0.05 V s -1 , T = 293 K. Similar results are obtained on a polycrystalline gold electrode coated
more » ... with MUA/MU. EXPERIMENTAL S2 Materials All chemicals were of reagent grade. Yeast cytochrome c (ycc) and urea were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich. ycc was purified on a cation exchange column (Whatman, CM52, carboxymethyl cellulose). 11-mercapto-1-undecanoic acid (MUA, Sigma-Aldrich), 11-Mercapto-1-undecanol (MU, Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Chemical Communications This journal is
doi:10.1039/c1cc13854e pmid:21909526 fatcat:apoh66z5ebd57byjd4qxfjdgzi