Separase cleaves the kinetochore protein Meikin to direct the meiosis I/II transition [article]

Nolan Maier, Jun Ma, Michael Lampson, Iain McPherson Cheeseman
2020 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
To generate haploid gametes, germ cells undergo two consecutive meiotic divisions requiring key changes to the cell division machinery. Here, we explore the regulatory mechanisms that differentially control meiotic events. We demonstrate that the protease Separase rewires key cell division processes at the meiosis I/II transition by cleaving the meiosis-specific protein Meikin. In contrast to cohesin, which is inactivated by Separase proteolysis, cleaved Meikin remains functional, but results
more » ... a distinct activity state. Full-length Meikin and the C-terminal Meikin Separase-cleavage product both localize to kinetochores, bind to Plk1 kinase, and promote Rec8 cleavage, but our results reveal distinct roles for these proteins in controlling meiosis. Mutations that prevent Meikin cleavage or that conditionally inactivate Meikin at anaphase I both result in defective meiosis II chromosome alignment. Thus, Separase cleavage of Meikin creates an irreversible molecular switch to rewire the cell division machinery at the meiosis I/II transition.
doi:10.1101/2020.11.29.402537 fatcat:osdd3pzqcjanzalouszveufe64